5 Kinds of Businesses That Don’t Know They Need Secure Document Management Software

Posted by Kevin D'Arcy on Apr 22, 2016 9:35:00 AM

5 Kinds of Businesses That Don’t Know They Need Secure Document Management Software

When your company has sensitive data on hand, it's important that you protect this information with secure document management software. If you don't then you are leaving this information vulnerable to theft, destruction and loss. If you don't know that you are running the type of business that needs secure document management software, however, then you probably won't invest in it. To give you a better idea of whether or not you need secure document management software, let's take a look at five types of companies that usually don't know that they need it.

Health charities

When you run a charitable organization, your focus is on helping your target audience. In the case of health charities, you must access sensitive data to do your job correctly. This is because as a healthcare organization, you will need certain types of private health-related data to function.

Much like a doctor's office or hospital, you are required to keep this information totally confidential. A set of secure document management software allows you to do this by actively encrypting it, managing access and preventing accidental deletions.

E-commerce businesses

An e-commerce business constantly gathers customers' personal data – this is the only way for you to sell things online. This data must be protected.

Secure document management software allows you to effectively guard any customer data that you retain at all stages, even when it is being sent to your storage system.


Manufacturers make physical things. When this is the focus of your business, it becomes difficult to see why you would need to protect digital documents. However, in order to make products in the most profitable way possible, you gather information from clients so that you can get their orders just right.

If this data were stolen, then parts of your client's business would be compromised; if any of this data were accidentally destroyed, then you would have to get this information from your client so that you can restart the manufacturing process. In both instances, your brand will be tarnished and clients will be much less likely to come to you. A secure document management system will prevent this.

Brick and mortar retail stores

A brick and mortar retail store rings customers up; in many cases, this is the end of the transaction. This can make it seem as though there is no need for data protection.

However, physical retail stores are often primary targets for data thieves. Also keep in mind that customer rewards and membership programs store personal data. Secure document management software allows you to seamlessly protect all of this information.

Real estate firms

As a real estate firm, you handle almost as much sensitive data as a law firm. Every client who passes through will rely on you to relay information between them and the buyer or seller. Also, at the end of the transaction, you end up with two of the most important pieces of personal data that you can possess: someone's name and address.

Protect this information by investing in secure digital management software.

Bonus: Any business with employees

When you bring an employee in, you gather a long list of sensitive personal information. If this data isn't protected, then you are putting your employees at risk. Document management software will not only protect this data from theft, but also delete it as soon as you no longer need it.

Don't assume you don't need data security

Making such an assumption could lead to a document security disaster. If you still aren't sure whether you need document management software, consult an expert.

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