4 Unique Benefits of Interactive Document Software

Posted by Robert Adshead on Jun 10, 2016 11:00:00 AM

38126856_s.jpgInteractive document software is the next logical step to peruse after you digitize your document. Being able to interact with your image, not having it as just an image, can make your job incredibly easier. Consider these unique benefits of interactive document software, and learn why so many people already choose to use this revolutionary system.

No Document Damage

Damaging physical documents in nearly impossible to avoid. Be it highlighting invoice numbers and fees, placing the paper down where there is moisture and warping the paper itself, or creating tiny tears, rips and dirt damage by handing the piece of paper from person to person, these are difficult and sometimes impossible to avoid. With interactive document software however, you’re able to utilize the document repeatedly without damaging it. Highlight numbers, cut and paste information, even screenshot the image to send to a colleague without harming the original document, or ruining its uses for years to come.

Many Hands Make Light Work

When you utilize interactive document software, more than one person has access to the document you need. This means that if your accounting department needs an invoice to fill out receipts, shipping department needs the invoice to know what they’re receiving, and sales department needs the invoice to know how many of an item they’ll shortly have in stock to sell, everyone can have this document on hand at the same time. Better yet, this avoids having to photocopy confidential documentation that can’t leave the hands of your employees.


When you have a single version of a document you need, the safety of that document is pivotal. Should anything happen to that document, there’s very rarely a way to get it back and you can be left with a huge loss. With an interactive document software however, you’re able to back up the document repeatedly. You can safely make copies of the document without damaging it, and will have a backup version if you need it.

Save Money

When you utilize paper documents, you take on the responsibility of repeatedly incurring costs. These costs include things like paper, printer ink and toner, filing systems, storage areas in your office, and much more. These are unavoidable, as you need these things to work with physical documents directly. Once you buy an interactive document software however, everything you need to make the most of these documents. Typically a license is a one-time purchase, and updates to the software are included in this price. Though you may take on a slightly higher fee when you first purchase, every month thereafter you will see significant cost savings.

Interactive document software is a simple way to save significant time, stress, costs and more for your employees and management team. By interacting with your documents, you make the most of them, and will never worry again about accidentally spilling coffee or water on an incredibly important piece of paper.

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