3 Tips for Better Workforce Mobility

Posted by Kevin D'Arcy on Dec 10, 2014 9:30:00 AM

3 Tips for Better Workforce MobilityThe information superhighway surrounds us. A miasma of wireless signals float around us to transfer data in an instant; your company needs to use this access to improve its workforce mobility.

A high level of workforce mobility is paramount for your company's growth. Not only does it allow your organization to operate more efficiently, but it keeps your employees happy (this is especially true for the burgeoning generation Y workforce, which has a 70% turnover rate within the first two years at a company). That being said, here are four ways to improve your company's workforce mobility:


Scan all of your documentation

In addition to providing additional document security and helping your company go green, transforming your paper documents into digital files will significantly improve your workforce mobility.

Since your company's employees will be able to access documents by searching the files on their computers, instead of having to sift through mounds of paperwork, they will be able to operate much more efficiently.

Doing this is not as tedious as you would think either. There are many record scanning and document imaging services that will streamline the process of converting your paper documents to digital.


Add a document management system

With all of your documentation converted to digital, you will have taken a huge step towards moving to a mobile workforce. The next step you need to take is to add a document management system. Here are the benefits of doing this:

No more drawn out searches

For your employees, a document management system will make finding your company's documents as easy as a Google search. This means less stress and even more efficiency for your team.


Trying to figure out how to organize your data can significantly cut into your company's man hours. A document management system can automate this critical business practice by logically assembling files in a way that is similar to paper filing.

Access control

There is likely sensitive documentation that you only want certain people to be able to access. A good document management system will effectively manage who can access any given files. This means that you gain the added mobility without sacrificing the security of sensitive information.


Join the cloud

Having a singular online access point for all of your company's data will enhance your employees' ability to efficiently operate both in and outside of the office. In order to optimize the mobility of your workforce, you must integrate your company's data into a cloud solution. Otherwise, all of that documentation that you scanned and indexed will only be useful within the very limited space of your company's intranet.

Integrating your company's digital assets into the cloud is not a difficult process. In fact, there are some document management systems that come with cloud access already built in.

In order to improve your company's sustainability and growth into the future, your workforce must become more mobile. Otherwise, you will start losing ground to the competition, both regarding your operational efficiency and your attractiveness to current and future employees. That is why it’s critical for you to take steps like the ones above to improve your workforce mobility.


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