Where to Find the Best Long Term Digital Storage

Posted by Scott Kimura on Feb 6, 2015 9:35:00 AM

where to find the best long term digital storageOne of the biggest qualms 21st century organizations face is what to do with all of their digital data. Much of it is important, so it cannot be deleted, but too much data can overwhelm internal systems, slowing down computers and leaving little room for new data. That is why you need to seek out a good long term digital storage solution. But where do you look? Let's take a look at the best long term digital storage solutions out there.


Where to look for the best long term digital storage solutions

Right in your office

You could have a wealth of excellent long term digital storage resources right in your office and not even know it. Here is a list of excellent long term storage solutions that you might have available already:

  • SD cards

  • MicroSD cards

  • Flash drives

  • Flash hard drives

  • CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray dics

  • SDD hard drives

  • Tape

  • Hybrid hard drives

  • Portable hard drives

If you do not have a substantial amount of any of these storage solutions, they are all easily acquired through electronics manufacturers and retailers.

The worldwide web

Over the past few years, the internet has evolved fast. One of the most important advents therein has been the cloud, which is undoubtedly an excellent long term storage solution. When you are working with a reputable cloud service, your data is placed in a highly secured digital vault. What's more, you can still access your data at any time from any location with the cloud.


Be sure to back up your data

In most areas of business, 'redundancy' is a dirty word. When it comes to data storage, however, it is an absolute necessity. Although the long term digital storage solutions discussed above do their jobs extremely well, things can happen -- data gets corrupted, physical damage occurs, storage solutions can wear down over time, etc. That is why you should never put all of your data into one digital basket. Instead of relying on only one digital storage solution, you should have at least one place where you back up all of your organization's data. That being said, here are the three best digital storage solutions for backing up your data in the long term:

Cloud backup solutions

The cloud is quickly evolving to become a nearly perfect data storage solution. As such, it is also a great place to backup your files. The same great cloud solutions that are normally used for regular storage can also be used for long term data backup. Since you have a third party regularly maintaining your data and updating the physical storage medium, cloud storage is the only indefinite backup storage solution available.

Optical disc backup solutions

Optical discs are sturdy and can last for decades when they are cared for properly. Also, their compact size makes them easy to file away for the long haul.

Hard drive backup solutions

Like optical discs, most hard drive storage solutions will last for decades. Durability for hard drives will vary, depending upon the technology used.

Regardless of which backup solutions you decide to go with, make sure that you are not constantly making changes to the data therein, as this can wear the storage solution down.


Prepare your critical data for long term storage before it overwhelms you

Digital data can quickly pile up; this can force you to scramble to keep up if you aren't prepared. When this happens, files get mixed up, archiving becomes sloppy and sometimes important files can be deleted. By preparing your digital data for long term storage right now, you can prevent this from happening.


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