Searching for the Best Paper Management Software for Your Documents? Here's What You Need to Know

Posted by Mike Lynett on Sep 23, 2016 11:00:00 AM

52476561_s.jpgNo matter what type of business you run, you rely on documents to help you run your company. The more effectively you are able to manage this paper, the smoother your business will run. That is why you need good paper management software. The best paper management software will save you hundreds of man hours - per employee - and make handling your documents easy.

The best paper management software will actually help you manage your paper documents

This is a key attribute of paper management software. Even though you will be mostly using computer files in this increasingly digital world, you will still get paper documents, and your software should help you manage them.

To this end, your paper management software should give you the tools needed to seamlessly integrate your paper documents into your digital infrastructure. This includes the ability to immediately identify and index recently scanned documents. In addition to easier management, this capability will also provide the following benefits:

Longer document lifespans

Although paper can last a while on its own, it is susceptible to the environment around it. Even the humidity in the air can do significant damage to your most important paper documents.

By streamlining the conversion of your paper documents to digital files, your paper management software ensures that your paper has a virtually infinite lifespan.

Easier document sharing

Under normal circumstances, sharing a single paper document is a time-consuming hassle. Even if the intended recipient is in your office, you must take the time to visit their desk - and hope that they are there. If they are not, you either have to either search for them or place the document on their desk and hope that they see it.

The best paper management software will alleviate this burden by making it possible to easily share your documents in only a few seconds. 

Better document security

Before your paper management software helped you integrate your paper documents into your digital infrastructure, your paper documents weren't secured very well. At best, they were guarded by lockboxes that could be defeated with the simplest tools and most disasters.

The best paper management software will include security features that make it virtually impossible for your documents to be stolen or destroyed. This is thanks to capabilities like:

  • Cloud-based storage to prevent physical access
  • Encrypted document storage
  • Encrypted document sharing
  • Remote access management

More document control

When a paper document is in your office, you don't have much control over it. In fact, as soon as you walk away from your desk and the document is out of your sight, you have zero control over your document.

As a part of the conversion of your document into a digital file, your paper management software will give you more control over your documents than you ever thought possible. For instance, you will be able to access, manage and edit your documents from almost anywhere in the world.

You will also be able to control who can access your documents. This control is absolute - you will be able to determine everything, including when documents can be accessed, how much access will be granted and even see who has looked at your documents.

Dealing with your documents does not have to slow your business down

The best paper management software will make sure that you are never overwhelmed by your paper documents. Instead it will make sure that all of your documents do nothing but enhance your ability to run your business.


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