Improve the Resume Screening Process With Digitization

Posted by Mike Lynett on Aug 5, 2015 9:35:00 AM

Screening Digital Resumes

It isn't easy to find the perfect candidate to fill a position. You will be inundated with hundreds of resumes. There are usually a few good candidates, but you still have to filter through all of them just to figure out who even qualifies for the position. You can significantly enhance your resume screening process by investing in a digitization solution.

What is digitization?

Digitization is the process of indexing digital resumes. This process uses document management software to get the job done.

How will digitization improve my ability to screen resumes?

Digitization reduces the amount of time you must spend on each resume

Sifting through resumes is a time consuming process to say the least. You don't want to waste your time on unqualified resumes and digitization will make sure that you don't by filtering them out before you even look at a single one.

Digitization reduces the amount of money that you have to invest into the resume screening process

Every moment that is wasted on unqualified resumes is lost money for your organization, because you are effectively paying people to look at irrelevant sheets of paper. These costs will add up quickly. For example, if you have ten human resources employees who get paid $45,000 per year spending one hour per day looking at unqualified resumes, you will end up wasting $56,250 each year. By preventing unqualified resumes from even coming across your HR team's desks, digitization saves you a great deal of money.

Digitization reduces the likelihood that you will overlook a great candidate

While manually sifting through hundreds of resumes, you will inevitably overlook or accidentally throw out the resumes of outstanding candidates. This is because human eyes overlook words and phrases when reading large volumes of data. When you digitize the screening process, this isn't a problem because you can easily sort resumes by specific keywords relevant to the position.

Regardless of what type of resume screening process you use right now, digitization is easy to implement

Although digitization will significantly enhance your resume screening process, it is not difficult to implement. Here are the steps that you need to take:

Find a document management software solution that works

This is what will allow your digital resume screening process to work. Make sure that the document management software solution you choose can complete all of the tasks you need it to.

Prepare your system for indexing

You need to set up your computer and document management software to automatically index resumes based on your desired criteria. This way, you won't have to do it manually.

Invest in a reliable document scanner to convert paper resumes to digital ones

The fact that you are using digitization – a computer-based resume screening approach – does not mean that you have to pass up on paper resumes and potentially miss out on the perfect candidate because of it. To make sure that you can integrate the resumes of all applicants into your digitization system, invest in a reliable document scanner that can manage large volumes of documents at one time. You will also need scanning software that will compile the information on a paper resume and integrate it into your database. Some of the best digitization software solutions double as scanner software.

Digitization will make finding the right person for the job much easier

By effectively removing one of the most rigorous elements of the recruiting process from the equation, digitization allows you to spend more time on other elements of the recruiting, hiring and employee process. Get started with digitization ASAP, so that you can reap its benefits.


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