Improve HR Data Entry and Employee Onboarding Processes

Posted by Scott Kimura on Mar 4, 2016 9:35:00 AM

improve hr data entry and employee onboarding processes

Your HR team spends a lot of time on data entry and employee onboarding. This means that they routinely handle a lot of documents. Although necessary, these activities cost time and money. You shouldn't, however, just accept the burden of these expenses. Instead, you must minimize them by constantly making your data entry and employee onboarding process more efficient.

Why inefficiencies in data entry and employee onboarding are problematic

Slower onboarding

When you hire someone, you want to make them a productive member of your team ASAP. An inefficient employee onboarding process, however, will hold your new employee back for quite some time.

Lost time and money

Even when you're using digital documents, every single time your team mismanages a document, you're losing money. This is because document errors require HR to adjust. If your HR employees are each making about $20 per hour, and three people have to spend two hours fixing a document error, for example, then you have just lost $120.

If this happens twice per week, then your company loses over $12,000 per year! This is just for one document error. Hundreds of document errors occur throughout the year when you have an inefficient data entry process.

The lost time that inefficient data entry causes also affects the productivity of your non-HR employees. This is because they will have to take time to correct and verify any document inaccuracies that directly affect them.

Reduced security

An inefficient data entry and employee onboarding process will also interfere with your company's data security. This is because an inefficient process creates opportunities for improper distribution, making it possible for anything, including employees' social security numbers to be publicly shared.

Also, whenever there is an error, personnel must access sensitive documents. This creates more opportunities for document security breaches within your inefficient system.


How to fix a broken HR data entry and employee onboarding system

Invest in a digital future

Convert all of your current HR documents to digital files

Even a highly organized paper filing system will require your HR team to spend hours each year sifting through paperwork by hand to find the documents they need. Converting all of your HR documents to digital files makes it a much more efficient process, because everything will be accessible within a few clicks.

Even though your HR department has a seemingly overwhelming volume of documents to convert, this doesn't have to be a difficult process. All you need to do is put the conversion process in the hands of a professional document conversion team.

Make managing your digital HR documents efficient

Your HR department handles a lot of paperwork. Even when they are in digital form, handling your HR documents manually will be an inefficient process. You can make managing your digital HR documents extremely efficient by investing in a document management system that handles the bulk of the busywork for you. This includes error correction, notifications and automated indexing. A document management system will also make your HR employees more efficient by making document access as easy as a Google search.

Prepare for future paper documents in your HR department

It's likely that your HR department will continue to receive and produce physical documents. Instead of letting HR create a new pile of physical documents to overwhelm them, invest in a scanning system that allows them to rapidly convert future paper documents.

Optimize your HR department's efficiency

Although your HR department handles a lot of paperwork, they don't have to be inefficient. Invest in a digital future so that your HR team's full potential can be realized.

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