Employee File Storage Solutions for HR Managers

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HR Departments aren't where you make money, but their success plays a huge role in the companies success HR Departments aren't where you make money, but their success plays a huge role in the company's success

Human resource departments handle a wide variety of tasks that require detailed record keeping. As a result, HR managers have been limited in their capacities. An excessive amount of time is spent on maintaining employee files and other administrative tasks, preventing managers from participating in strategic business decisions. Many companies are now choosing to automate HR functions through Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), which has created a need for digital records keeping. Document scanning and electronic file storage reduce administrative costs and allows HR managers to focus on core business processes.

Make Recruiting a Simple Process
Job ads and help wanted signs can attract hundreds of applications and resumes, including piles that don’t meet the minimum qualifications. Instead of skimming through each document, scan resumes and capture key skills and requirement with OCR technology. Ideal candidates are identified quickly, and their information can be indexed for easy retrieval in the event of future staffing needs.

Create Self-Help Databases
Give employees the ability to bypass the HR department and solution their own document requests. Digital file storage allows individuals to search for and download paystubs, T4 slips, and forms through a secure network. Not only does it save time, but it cuts down on paper and postage costs.

Compile Reports with Ease
Report writing is a tedious process, without having to sift through file cabinets. Searching by index fields pinpoints specific information needed for government compliance and internal audits.

Track Employee Performance
Electronic file storage allows for simpler and therefore more accurate record keeping. This is crucial for determining opportunities for training, promotion, and settling grievances.

There are many more ways that going digital can improve HR processes. Discuss your file storage solutions with MES by contacting us today!

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