7 Signs Your Company Can Benefit from File Management Software

Posted by Corlene on Sep 20, 2013 5:38:00 AM
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Going “paperless” is no longer just an eco-trend—it is an absolute necessity to keep businesses organized, competitive and innovative. Have you been thinking about making electronic file management software a part of your daily office routine? Here are some signs that you’re ready to make the switch.

Your file drawers are overflowing

Being a well-established company could make it difficult to store a hard copy of every transaction and interaction. If those drawers are hard to close, it may be time to trade those papered bits for computer bytes.

Office décor is limited by clunky cabinets

Save your office space for productive purposes. Using file management software to scan, store and manage your documents digitally will help to de-clutter your work environment.

Your briefcase is too heavy

Does your business require meeting clients outside of the office? Instead of hauling files around, why not scan and access them remotely via cloud-compatible software.

Archiving comes with the risk of never finding items again

Even with the best of efforts, hard copy documents can be misfiled or get lost in a paper vortex. The time employees spend searching for documents directly impacts productivity, which in turn can add to your costs. A digital version can be searched for using full text or a combination of multiple key indexes, allowing for quicker retrieval.

Your email inbox is clogged with attachments

File management software speed up the workflow process by eliminating the need to pass attachments between team members. Instead, everyone can access the same document in one place. Benefits include the ability to track changes by date and user names, which is ideal in project situations.

Document security is a key aspect of your business

True security means always having a back-up plan. While policies, locks, and access systems are good measures to have in place, they don’t protect against unforeseen circumstances, such as floods and fires. Keeping digital copies could make a difference in how quickly, or even IF, your business gets up and running again.

Maintaining your current filing system costs a fortune

The costs of paper filing snowballs when taking all aspects of a business into consideration. For example, the average cost to fill a four drawer cabinet is $25,000. Additionally, an employee is estimated to use around 10,000 sheets of paper each year. Transitioning to file management software would save thousands of dollars.
Still not convinced? Click here to visit our Case Studies page to see how file management software can further develop your organization.


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