Aperture Card Scanners in Ontario: Facilitating the Move to Digital Archiving - Part 2

Posted by admin on May 27, 2012 8:36:21 PM

This is part two in a series on aperture card scanner in Ontario. Click here to read from part one.

Aperture card scanners in Ontario can streamline the digital transformation process. Digital formats eliminate physical storage requirements and enhance access to information. In addition, digitizing eliminates the wear and tear on an aperture card. The information contained in the aperture card’s microfilm is better protected for many years to come.

The Inherent Issues with Analog Technology

Although aperture cards have some advantages, they also have several limitations. For example, you can’t search efficiently for analog information. Instead you need to physically manage the cards and use proprietary machinery. This process takes more time and effort.

It’s also easy to mis-file aperture cards. Finding a lost aperture card may be a futile effort.

Aperture cards are also more fragile. If the card isn’t handled with care, the film can come loose or the mounting glue leaks onto other cards. In either case, the cards will not run through machinery properly.

Using Aperture Card Scanners in Ontario

To overcome the obvious limitations with analog aperture cards, scanners can digitize the documents and create the desired efficiencies. Special aperture cards scanners in Ontario can produce a digital version quickly and economically. They transform legacy documents into a digital format for easy retrieval.

Aperture card scanners in Ontario allow you to automate the digitizing process. Depending on the scanner, you can automatically scan hundreds of cards. After scanning, you can store the files digitally or print them directly to a printer with minimal effort.

Aperture card scanners in Ontario create a time-saving process for archiving your critical engineering documents. By converting aperture cards into digital images, you can streamline document access, retrieval and management. You don’t have to wait to retrieve microfilm drawings or search for missing aperture cards.

With the efficiency benefits of aperture card scanners in Ontario, you can eliminate labor- and time-intensive tasks. Instead, you can focus your efforts on more strategic and revenue-generating projects.

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