Considerations for Hiring a Document Management Company in Ontario (Part 3 of 4)

Posted by admin on Aug 5, 2011 4:50:28 PM

This blog post is the third of a 4-part series that describes how to hire the right document management company in Ontario.

What industry affiliations does the document management company have?

Participation in industry events and organizations help keeps a document management company in Ontario up to speed on market changes. Active participation in key organizations like the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), also known as the Enterprise Content Management Association, and the Independent Information Management Dealer Association (IIMDA) provides additional resources for document management companies to serve their customers. These organizations regularly communicate vital information to their members regarding technology, customer and other business issues that can improve your relationship.

Does your potential vendor understand compliance requirements?

A good candidate for your document management projects will understand specific compliance requirements that affect your business. A vendor will know Canadian government standards for document capture and storage, as well as applicable civil and criminal judicial practices. And the company will not only know these requirements, but it will help you achieve compliance.

With the cost of non-compliance high, this is an important area to make sure you’ve got covered. You want a document management company in Ontario to help protect your assets. Any document management system must be able to comply readily and easily with government regulation and court orders.

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