Are There Better Document Management Resources Out There for Your Business?

Posted by Mike Lynett on Dec 9, 2016 11:00:00 AM

49811720_s.jpgWhen was the last time you upgraded the company’s document management resources? If a few years have passed, chances are that the market already features much better options.

Document management plays an important role in corporate productivity, especially in companies that deal with lots of data. It’s your job as a manager to determine whether the document management resources you’re relying on are the best.

In order to make the analysis, you’ll need to ask yourself a couple of important questions. The answers will help you figure out if your document management software is up to date.

Cloud-Based Capabilities
Are your document management resources available anywhere, anytime? If not, chances are that you have a system that only works on office premises. This was the standard several years ago but things have changed.

Cloud-based document management programs are incredibly beneficial for people who work both from home and the office. They’re also great for companies that have multiple offices. By relying on cloud-based document storage and management, everybody will be on the same page regardless of location.

All that it takes to access cloud-based document resources is having a computer and internet connection. All modifications are saved on the cloud, making the new documents and folders immediately available to everyone.

Do You have Different Permission Levels and Viewing Rights?
Security of sensitive data is one of the most important characteristics of document management resources. Figuring out if you have the right solution is all about getting the right safety features to ensure privacy.

Many modern document management programs come with different authorization levels. This means that specific groups of people will have access to specific resources. Limiting viewing rights can thus reduce the risk of having a confidentiality breach or an information leak. Both of these can be detrimental for the organization.

Password protection and encryption are just two of the other possible security features. Modern programs come with many added security functionalities that are great for larger businesses and multiple individuals getting access to the data.

Search and Document Organization Capabilities
One of the most important features of document management is easy access. Outdated systems make it rather difficult to effortlessly view important files. A complicated search system contributes to the loss of productivity and it can even lead to massive document clutter.

If you’re not happy with the currently available resources, look for a system that comes with better labeling, search and file sorting characteristics.

Proper electronic management systems come with document tracking and enhanced collaboration possibilities. Everybody is on the same page and everybody has access to the latest file versions. It’s also possible to view older versions of documents to track process and analyze team performance on a specific task.

Mobile Support?
If you don’t have mobile support, chances are that a much better document management option exists out there. Mobile technologies have affected nearly every aspect of life. They’ve also had a profound impact on corporate proceedings.

Contemporary document management systems come with excellent mobile integration. They give employees a chance to access data from a smartphone or a tablet. As a result, team members will be free from having to spend the entire day in the office. They’ll get the chance to work from every location and to access important data during meetings.

These are just some of the characteristics you can use to determine the effectiveness of your document management system. A few other essentials to look for include multiple formats, effortless integration with other software and a built-in messaging functionality.
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